Power equipment manufacturing industry and overseas mergers and acquisitions of independent innovation development

&Nbsp;     We all know, equipment productivity tool is a productivity g basic elements, from the historical point of view, people decide every major social change, which is composed of productivity, due to which means of production innovation and driven by realistically, whether a nation can become an economic power, the ability and skill of the equipment manufacturing industry is the key. Economic power in the world today, none of the power equipment manufacturing industry, for example, United States, Germany, Japan, and past the United Kingdom, and so on. These countries could in the long-term at an advantage in the international competition, is by virtue of the equipment manufacturing industry has laid a solid foundation. Some small countries or some emerging industrialized countries, entered the ranks of the developed countries, is a very important aspect in the development of the equipment manufacturing and the world's advanced level, such as Switzerland's precision machine tools, instruments, and Sweden bearing manufacturing, Korea marine electronic equipment and so on. Whether it is history, or reality, all equipment industry's strong national power is strong, the equipment manufacturing industry, power failure, it can be said better soldiers must be strong military, to power must be stronger equipment.
        after years of development, our country's equipment manufacturing industry is already complete, and sizeable, but also has a certain level of an industry system, armed the entire name of the backbone of the economy, is an important pillar industry of the national economy. Development of the equipment manufacturing industry, not only supports our country's industrialization and urbanization in the process of rapid development, but also lay a solid foundation for enhanced comprehensive national strength of our country, become a powerful weapon for improving the country's international competitiveness. Now China is in a stage of accelerated industrialization driven by information, faced a historical opportunity of global manufacturing. Air compressor equipment manufacturing industry in our country itself has a lot of space for development, there is a huge market space.