Circumstances under which high pressure compressor crankshaft repair

Crankshaft in using process in the if found following situation should for repair;
1. crankshaft has crack;
2. crankshaft produced bent or twisted deformation;
3, and crankshaft appeared scrapes or scraping marks;
4. crankshaft keyway wear;
crankshaft of wear reached following numerical on should for repair:
crankshaft axis neck and song turn axis neck allows of maximum wear volume:
repair crankshaft Shi, usually is according to specific situation using hand file, and grinder, and lathe, and Special machine or move the machine for repairs.
crankshaft deformation, wear occurs on the working surface of the cylinder, connecting rod small end bushing and Rod lining overheating and premature wear, Qu Bingxiao ground to a taper.
therefore, in compressor overhaul or repair should check the crankshaft bending so that early detection measures, that cause more damage.
prior to the test, should first be scrubbed clean of the crankshaft, on the test platform of "v"-shaped rack or thimble resisted crankshaft Center holes at the ends of the roof on a lathe, and then test with a dial indicator.
inspection time, the dial indicator at the measuring point at the middle of the crankshaft or a two spindle neck, slowly turn the crankshaft a circle with his hand, indicating on the dial indicator set difference, which is bent the crankshaft run out tolerance.
but must pointed out that, such measuring have of results, also may has is big of errors, because it also involved to support in "v" shaped frame Shang of two road spindle neck and middle a spindle neck of lost round situation, see on crankshaft of bent pendulum poor whether has effect; if has effect; also to according to situation again on crankshaft of bent pendulum poor for adjustment. Main round loss, measured diameter dial gauge or crankshaft table available.
support in "v" shape on the two main round loss, dial gauges available here by checking the flywheel does not wear measure loses the round, to a certain extent, you can support "v"-shaped frame on the two main round loss. Incidentally, the bending of the shaft is the deviation from the theoretical center line in the middle of the centre line of the shaft distances and shaft length measured by ratio. In the production of repair of specific parts, due to the length of the parts have been identified, so usually refers to both degree of offset. Meanwhile, taking into account the convenience in the work, in practical use, bend with bent put poor said. Bent set difference is bent twice.