Data center network SDN technology

using network tester technical staff knows that if a test is required to simulate test flow, advance to pre-set Tester, sets the characteristics of a good newspaper article, then click on the send port, you can make flow, can be set in the process flow, caught repeatedly modify the messaging features. Actually SDN of achieved process also and test instrument of set process similar, first through OpenFlow agreement (SDN hardware and software communications of only standard agreement, network equipment support on OpenFlow of response) on network equipment for set, in configuration zhiqian, first collection network basic information, including: has how many port, network bandwidth, routing specifications and so on network technology parameter, these parameter is not a a Taiwan network equipment of, but whole network environment has of General technology parameter. Based on these parameters, use the SDN software controller the routing protocol, two ring design, design parameters, by OpenFlow agreement issued to all network devices, if the network equipment does not meet the set design, returns a failure, you need to modify the design. Adjusted designs and then issued, after repeated changes the final design of your very own data center network of business applications. Not difficult see, SDN maximum of benefits is can soon to on network design for adjustment, through software simulation design network, has not right of place timely for adjustment, has SDN will not need using who care network equipment is how completed these upper design of, only through SDN told network equipment, routing to from which port forward to which port, II layer loop blocked in where, even two layer loop fundamental without blocked chain road also can guarantee no loop, This will data center of network technology personnel from cumbersome of network equipment configuration in the free out, let network personnel can more focused Yu himself data center of application business, and using SDN Hou for network personnel adjustment network provides has great of convenience, traditional adjustment network of way, like change flow turned began mouth, added routing, are need people to room to wiring adjustment, often to spent days of time. SDN is not required, as long as the software adjust the minutes can fix technicians don't have to care where the network devices, is far away in United States data centers can also smoothly deploy business management centre in Beijing. Data Center Virtual of technology has achieved has offsite data center Zhijian of business migration, in Beijing and United States New York of two a data center network may common to completed SDN issued of network design programme, network personnel without care what himself design of business run in where, in offsite of two a data center completely fusion for network personnel provides has a network hardware platform, network personnel can free to design network.

SDN network design, in addition to the convenience, but also easy to manage the data center network, can say that SDN is an upgraded version of the network management software. By network management software can manage all network devices, existing data center network management with network monitoring, management, and business alarms and other functions. SDN has all network management capabilities, network failure can also be healing. When a network fails, SDN controller informed network abnormalities, automatic recovery mechanism. These recovery mechanisms are set through the software well in advance, once sent instructions by SDN is sent to the devices on your network, perform recovery procedures, so data center network can recover on their own, as long as the whole network is fully redundant design, by SDN can ensure business always on network. Different failure, different network repair methods are SDN issue, at this stage we are all business walkthrough, fault simulation to verify that the backup solution is dangerous. In a world where SDN, already are available through software simulation, a variety of anomalies can be constructed through software, and then develop solutions, so failure simulation via software simulation, fault simulation can be done in just a few minutes. Because SDN designed entirely by the application to define and design the network, issue a hardware network device can be easily repeated simulations, action can be completed, adjustment, which is the true power of SDN.

from the above description is not difficult to find, SDN real just like programming environment installed on your computer, we can use Visual C++ programming environment to design various application software system, you can debug in the Visual C++ environment, compiling, complete software system design. SDN is the same, SDN controller like a programming environment, network design network personnel through the controller programming, this process can be debugged, compiled and run, the final design of outstanding network, SDN, even people who don't understand why TCP/IP can also design efficient network, this is the charm of the SDN. Open Internet standards document RFC, has been updated to more than 6,000 articles, which the RFC understood nor the energy of so many people, people through SDN can extricate themselves from the vast network protocol, only the design of network devices with the use of networking protocols, use the network device for people, as long as controlled by SDN, you no longer care about networks underlying implementation. See here, as a network technician must be excited, Yes, network programming, which is a cool thing, the future will not only have a computer programming expert, will also have Web design programming experts, people who should know how to play SDN, you can get in the area of data center networks to cope with.