Screw air compressor works

The core components of screw type air compressor is compressor, is one of the positive displacement compressors, air compression is installed in parallel to each other within the shell mesh rotor alveolar volume and reach of yin and Yang. Rotor pair in precision fit chassis with it turning the rotor between the alveolar gas constant volume changes periodically along the rotor axis, from suction to discharge, complete working process of suction, compression and exhaust of the three. Therefore, air compressor/"> twin screw rotor profile technology determines the air compressor/" > twin screw air compressor product grade.
empty pressure machine double screw Rod empty pressure machine of work process:
air through intake filter device will atmosphere in the of dust or impurities filter except Hou, by intake control valve into compressor host, in compression process in the and spray into of cooling lubrication oil mixed, by compression Hou of mixed gas from compression cavity row into oil and gas separation tank, at compression discharge of containing oil and gas body through collision, and intercept, and gravity role, must most of oil media was separation down, then into oil and gas fine separation device for two times separation, Get small amount of compressed air containing oil, when air is compressed to the pressure value, minimum pressure valve, discharge the compressed air to the cooler for cooling, and finally into using the system.