High pressure air compressor how to choose

1, choosing the "needs fixed"
according to customer's needs, find the best running economy of scale are a lot of decisions need to be made in the future. Decision making is based on the use of compressed air or using the process, focus calculate air requirements, reserves, and room for expansion in the future, but pressure is a determining factor, has a great influence on energy consumption, different pressure
range with a different compressor can sometimes be economical.
calculating the pressure of compressed air equipment determines the required working pressure depends on the compressor, equipment, pipe, the maximum working pressure required pressure, pressure reducing valves for gas stations to meet the equipment needs of consumption and, in extreme cases, with a separate air compressor is not economic.
working pressure: end of end user + filter + piping + dust filter + dryer + the higher the amplitude of pressure of the compressor, greater power consumption, caused by the need to consider the size and length of piping pressure drop.
lists a variety of machines using pressure, such as using the pressure difference too much, you have to purchase different pressure air compressor, cannot be used in pressure-
to increase costs.
compressed air, air emissions calculation is to convert energy air energy, and with the expansion of compressed air that compensates a clean source of power, but the power consumption is very large. In General, 1m3 compressed air to 0.7MPa it takes around 7kW of electric energy. According to statistics, the air compressor to the power consumption of about 20% of the total energy consumption across the enterprise. This means saving and the rational use of the compressed air compressed air will bring new profits for you!
air needed dosage: will all tool + machine equipment + related process air consumption + leak + wear + future with gas + using coefficient (used standard value 20%)
4, and compressor of number and specifications of determine
according to by needed of flexible degree + control system + energy of efficiency
(1) selection a Taiwan big machine also is selection more Taiwan small machine?
fee for production in the event of an outage, power utilization, load (load) the changes, the cost of compressed air system, of available floor space. Due to cost reasons, a device with only a compressor supplied all the air, then the system can be ready to a mobile compressor fast interfaces available, and a used air compressor can be used as a less expensive alternative provide reserve power source.
(2) stability (has been very important of problem);
(3) energy spending
1, and pipeline leak;
2, and with gas needs time constantly of fluctuations (this is most easy was ignored of, also most serious)
3, and single of output efficiency (select best range of output efficiency models)
(4) spare parts of General of
more Taiwan 110KW models of combination may is 40-160m3/min, Using a gas the best choice.
(5) analysis of
should be observed within a week, measuring more than energy recovery 90% recovery. Working pressure within a certain period of time, often lowering control system can refer to the production changes to make changes, improvement of air compressor use another check for air leakage. Pay attention to the energy consumption ratio, in order to save electricity: actual emissions/consumption motor power and value, the more the more electricity.