Screw-type air compressor works

Working principle of screw air compressor, is a nagging question about more people, is nothing new. Working principle of screw-type air compressor summary to sum up, is actually two words ", to send, press, rows". What for into sent spray row, will Xia see:
1, and screw Rod empty pressure machine of inhale process (into)
screw Rod type of intake side inhale mouth, must design have makes compression room can full inhale, and screw Rod type compressor and no intake and row valve group, intake only by a Regulation valve of opened, and close regulation, dang rotor turned Shi, main Deputy rotor of tooth ditch space in turned to intake end wall opening Shi, its space maximum, at rotor of tooth ditch space and intake mouth of free air communicates, Due to tooth Groove in the exhaust air is discharged in full, at the end of the exhaust, teeth ditch is in a vacuum, when you go to the air intake port, the outside air is inhaled, along the axis of tooth into the main and auxiliary rotor Groove. When the air is filled with the entire tooth ditches, intake side face of the rotor may turn away from the chassis air intake, air is closed between the teeth ditch.
2, screw air compressor closed and transport processes (send)
main and auxiliary inhale two rotors at the end of Summit of the main and auxiliary rotor and case closed, air in a spiral groove closure will not drain, namely [closed]. Two rotors keep turning and Groove on the suction side fit the tooth peak and teeth, consistent surface gradually moves toward the discharge end.
3, screw air compressor for compression and injection (pressure)
in the process of transmission, meshing surfaces gradually moves toward the discharge end, that is between the mating surface and vent the teeth ditch gradually decreases, tooth Groove of gas being compressed, pressure increase, namely the [compression]. Compression and oil pressure and injected into compressed indoor mixed with gas.
4, and screw Rod empty pressure machine of exhaust process (row)
Dang rotor of meshing end surface turned to and machine shell exhaust communicates Shi, (at compression gas of pressure highest) was compression of gas began discharge, until tooth peak and tooth ditch of meshing surface moved to exhaust end surface, at two rotor meshing surface and machine shell exhaust mouth this tooth ditch space for zero, that completed (exhaust process), this while rotor meshing surface and machine shell intake mouth Zhijian of tooth ditch length and reached most long, its inhale process and in for.
", sending, press, rows of" four-step cycle, makes screw air compressor to produce a constant supply of compressed air, which is the basic principle of screw air compressor, of course, these things are theoretical, as technical and design staff are necessary to figure it out. And as air compressor air compressor sales and service personnel, was also able to practice, and practice makes perfect.


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