The concrete application of air compressor in all walks of

, electric power industry applications: instrument with compressed air systems, compressed air ash removal systems, factories and utility of compressed air systems, including boiler feed water treatment and wastewater treatment systems, hydropower station will have a device powered by compressed air systems.
main uses, chemical fiber industry: textile industry mainly use clean compressed air as a power source, with high oil content; chemical fiber industry mainly instrument air and suction gas, dye mainly in power and instrument air.
1, light industry, food and beverage: no contact, indirect contact and direct contact with air. Scroll compressor to provide air, such as cans, bottles of cleaning, direct contact: raw material mixing, fermentation, very high standards for oil, and the need for compressed air deodorization.
2, pharmaceutical industry: no contact with mainly dynamic execution and instrument air, direct contact with air and gas stationary and require high air quality, generally with centrifugal; if the amount is not very large, you can choose to scroll machine post processors, or oil-free screw.
3, the cigarette industry: compressed air is the main power source other than electricity, generally used in machine equipment, cigarette volumes, and packaging equipment and meters, power Executive, equipment cleaning.
4, rubber and plastic products: mainly used for dynamic execution, instrument air, plastic also used for stretch blow molding technology.
four, metallurgical industry:
metallurgy steel and non-ferrous metals smelting and manufacturing industries
1, iron and steel industry: mainly dynamic execution, instrument air, sweeping instrument.
2, non-ferrous metal smelting and manufacturing: mainly used to force execution, instrument air, spraying, etc.