Textile industry new opportunities for screw-type air compressor

2014 is the starting year of China's deepening reform, Comrade XI Jinping as General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee over achieving "two 100 year" goal, launched successive major governance initiatives, leading the 1.3 billion Chinese people in building socialism with Chinese characteristics on the road to a new set of significant achievement. China's reform and opening up and modernization drive has entered a new stage, the national reform and development of the textile industry has entered a new journey. The air compressor to power its industries also have a new starting point.
2015 is "Twelve-Five" collector of the year, the complexity of the current development situation of the textile industry and the transformation and upgrading of the enormity of the task and bring opportunities and challenges to the industry. At the recently concluded central economic work Conference, Central proposed 2015 economic work tasks, the textile industry to do their thing, to plan with great toughness, good textile economy potential and room for manoeuvre, adapt to new normal economic development, and strive to achieve speed reduction potential, increase quality better. Analysts believe, increase of the textile industry will drive air compressor industry a new round of growth, as well as high quality and also to challenge the existing air compressor technology.
energy saving and emission reduction, to declare war on pollution is a duty-bound responsibility of the textile industry. Facing the rising of national regulatory standards on pollution emissions, environmental pressures are also more prominent. But in order to strengthen sustainable development ability, the textile industry must take environmental protection that threshold, which requires concerted efforts in financial, technical, and service support. At this point, have to refer to the air compressor to power its energy industry.
compressed air is an important power source of modern textile production. Textile production processes, process requirements for compressed air varies, so selection of air compressors, compressed air meet the needs of the operations of the production process, is related to the modern textile production could meet the high quality is an important factor.
with the textile industry continues to develop, requirements supporting air compressor equipment updated and increasingly pressing, which makes the selection of air compressors used in textile production has become an important issue in power equipment engineering and technical personnel in textile enterprises. Selection of air compressor to ensure production meets the different requirements of the processing equipment of compressed air. Compressed air quality will directly impact on the quality of textile products.
it is not difficult to see that national attention to the textile industry, will drive development of air compressor industry once again, at the same time, as well as new challenges to the existing technology of the air compressor.