What air compressor operator's responsibilities

Air compressor operator's responsibilities include the following:
1, familiar with the structure, working principle and performance of compressor, mastering their security operation procedures and ancillary equipment.
2, familiar with the operation and safety technology, equipment inspection work and getting ready for a drive and parking.
3, and in running in the should do five service:
(1) service see the indicates instrument (as levels pressure table, and hydraulic oil pressure table, and oil MI table,) and lubrication situation (as Note oil device, and tank and the lubrication points) and the cooling water flow situation;
(2) service listening to machine running voice, available listening to stick often listening to a listening to the movement parts (gas cutting, and piston, and cross head crankshaft bearing,) of voice whether normal;
(3) service touch the Department as inhale cutting, and bearing, and motor, and Cooling water temperature variation and mechanical fastening (but be sure to pay attention to safety, it is best to stop checking;
(4) frequently check the entire machine work is normal;
(5) adjusting the compressor (adjust air pressure oil temperature, oil and keeps the compressor normally).
4, familiar with compressor faults, causes and solutions if they find irregularities should quickly find the cause and take measures to quickly troubleshoot.
5, serious and responsible for writing the machine records.
6, earnestly room safety and health work, doing shift work; non-staff members against the room into the engine room.
7, earnestly room equipment, raw materials, tools, building maintenance and auxiliary materials.
8, efforts to improve the reliability of operation of the compressor and air supply, safe operation.