Energy saving screw air compressor air compressor market driven development direction

China of air compressor market main by piston type empty pressure machine, and screw Rod type empty pressure machine, and centrifugal type empty pressure machine, and sliding tablets type empty pressure machine, air compressor composition, which piston type empty pressure machine accounted for than maximum, second is screw Rod type empty pressure machine, and centrifugal type empty pressure machine, and sliding tablets type empty pressure machine, and vortex spin type empty pressure machine and so on. In recent years, with screw-type air compressors and development of centrifugal air compressors, piston air compressors in the industry's proportion has declined, but its still in market-driven.
screw Rod type empty pressure machine
compared Yu piston type empty pressure machine, screw Rod type empty pressure machine has run cost low, from machine of whole life cycle view, screw Rod empty pressure machine of investment recycling rate than piston machine high 20%, energy-saving effect obviously, advantages, so, screw Rod type empty pressure machine in many field began gradually alternative piston type empty pressure machine.
especially in "low carbon environmental" of energy-saving development trend Xia, domestic mine, and metallurgical, and power, and electronic, and mechanical manufacturing, and medicine, and food, and textile light and oil chemical, industry of fast development, also will speed up eliminated behind process, and high energy equipment, promoted compressor equipment from low added value to high added value upgrade, to for screw Rod compressor industry brings further of development opportunity.
  "Eleven-Five", my screw and piston machine can partly replace, screw and piston replacement is expected to continue, the Pistons will gradually decline in demand, but in view of the broader application of piston air compressor area and relatively low price, its market demand will remain at a certain level. Compressor industry Research Institute and is expected to 2014-2018 of screw-type air compressor in China market will keep growth on annual 15%.
/> piston air compressors in recent years, piston air compressor the air compressor although the proportion has declined, but it still occupies a major position. In 2008, the share of piston air compressor the air compressor to 81.8%, nearly two years although the proportion has declined, but is still above 75%. In 2011, the piston type air compressor market in China about 100.137 billion yuan, in 2012, the piston-type air compressor market size of about 108.039 billion yuan.
according to authoritative research information, Western developed countries market share to around 80% screw air compressor, Japan 1976 27% screw compressors in 1985, rose to 85%, the intensity of piston compressor is replaced in the future will continue to increase, but taking into account the replacement cost of the equipment, the process would still take some time.
centrifugal air compressor
due to the centrifugal compressor is oil-free compressors, safety and health performance are good, can be used in food, pharmaceuticals and mining and air separation industries with high environmental requirements on the job. At present, centrifugal air compressors used in the steel, petrochemical, shipbuilding, power and automotive areas, its demand accounted for more than 70% of centrifugal air compressor overall demand. At present, the steel, shipbuilding, electricity, car is a boom this downward trend expected slowing growth and raw materials, makes centrifugal compressor slow industry growth.
Vortex spin type compressor
Vortex spin type air compressor is in recent years development out of latest type of air compressor, it and traditional air compressor compared, has structure novel, and volume small, and weight light, and noise low, life long, lost gas smooth continuous, operation simple, maintenance costs less, series excellent of technology performance, was industry within as "without maintenance air compressor" and "new revolution air compressor", is 50HP following air compressor ideal models. The scroll compressor is mainly used in the refrigeration field.
the past two years, from the effects of economic downturn, air conditioning sales declines lead to turbine compressor sales decline, but in the future as the economy improves and consumer confidence index improved, turbo compressor can still maintain a certain degree of market growth.