Screw-type air compressor production of small number of reasons

Air compressor General machinery and equipment, and now is widely used in various fields, air compressor because of the length of motor shaft power and host, emissions will have the size, customers ' air compressor exhaust volume below a brief analysis of the phenomenon of insufficient.
1. selection was too small.
many user just began not know himself production of specific with gas situation, on about of selection, then exhaust pressure Shang not to, below rated of exhaust pressure, cannot meet factory of normal with gas, then, can check about, pipeline whether has leak points, close storage gas tank behind of valve, if unit can soon of rose Shang pressure, open open valve, pressure soon declined, and eventually in a pressure points Shang, this is on can confirmed, empty pressure machine unit selection had small, Gas turbine exhaust smaller than the actual production. Solutions, adding new units, gas air compressor exhaust volume is greater than the range most Sciences.
2. air compressor to use after a period of time, air clear enough, pressure does not come on, maintained at a rated gas line location.
at this time, you should first check whether there is a new gas equipment, if there is a new gas equipment, gas is how much can compare air compressors meet the requirements if they are not, and a new air compressor, increasing displacement.
If there are no new gas equipment, capacity is not enough, check the leakage of pipe, if the pipeline does not leak, it is the problem of air compressor unit itself.
empty pressure unit of exhaust volume insufficient has following several problem points:
1. maintenance whether timely, empty pressure machine exhaust volume declined, excluded above may Hou, first see empty pressure machine whether has maintenance, maintenance long has, if environment not is ideal, empty pressure machine run 2000 hours should check empty filter whether jam, light who can with compression gas dust, jam serious, replaced new of empty filter.
in many cases, air compressor exhaust volume drops, no big problem was customer neglect, air compressor air filter blocked led, after replacing a new air filter, for normal use.
in addition, apart from the air filter, and lubricants and other filters would be key to check whether the lubricant within the standard range, such as missing, please add appropriate.
2. intake valve is fully open. Air compressor exhaust volume drops, check the unit, just maintain, exclude filter and oil issues, it is first check the intake valve of the air compressor, remove the air intake hose, open the air compressor, watch intake valve opening is normal. Intake valve theoretical design life is 100,000 times, because each manufacturer uses branded batch, quality difference, so the intake valve failure can lead to decline in emissions.
air compressor load intake valve not fully open, it can be concluded that emissions decline is the intake valve failure, remove and repair or replace.
3. motor fault, above excluded into valve fault Hou, unit exhaust volume still no change, should consider motor whether has fault, due to motor coil in the occurred local of short-circuit, or bearing wear, motor axis wear, led to motor speed below rated speed, makes empty pressure machine exhaust volume declined, should maintenance motor coil, bearing,, repair Hou test empty pressure machine exhaust volume.
4. environmental change, resulting in decreased emissions. Previously used in inland areas, plant by plant in Northwest region, followed with the other devices to the new factory of the air compressor used, altitude, environment is moist, which is likely to lead to decline in emissions.
5. at higher altitudes, the air is thinner, smaller gas production per unit of time, excessive moisture in the air, compressed air contains a lot of water, in the treatment of posterior, water vapour precipitation, result in reduced exhaust.