Air compressor air-jet weaving machine industry how to choose

In order to ensure good air-jet loom, was critical to the quality of the compressed air. In order to prevent picking errors, ensure the quality of fabric, moisture in the compressed air and oil quantity and cleanliness to be kept within a certain range. Air jet loom used compressed air quality standards ISO8573-1 compressed air quality should be in which water levels can make the dew point of the compressed air pressure is set at below 10 ℃ and moisture content of up to level 4 requirements for classification. Oil quantity should be set at 0.1 mg/m below the oil content of up to category 2 requirements. Should be dropped 0.3 Micron dust and toner, to dust content classification of level 2 requirements. Investment
oil-free air compressor high efficiency
currently on the market supply-air compressor oil and oil in two ways. Oil-free lubrication oil-free screw engages the pressure increases. No oil in the compression Chamber, seal between the screw and lubricant spraying of self-lubricating material and sealed lubrication PTFE membrane. The main advantage of this machine is the output of air can do without oil. But due to the sealing screw characteristics of single-stage compression ratio are subject to certain restrictions (usually used for two-stage compression), exhaust gas pressure is less than 0.75Mpa. Rotor wear compression due to factors such as water vapor, coating peeling building, thus resulting in increased seal, compressor efficiency decreases, and the models are expensive. There is oil in the compression chamber is used for 24KT lubricant, which play a role in cooling, sealing and lubrication 3, increased compression ratio (one level of compression ratios of up to 20~30), compression efficiency, the use of single stage compressor, discharge pressure can be higher than 0.75MPa. Exhaust air through high efficiency oil separator, oil separator and precision square can meet the use requirement. Low oil price, but 24KT lubricant consumption, plus a-level, two-stage oil separator filter wearing parts, such as high costs, resulting in higher operation and maintenance costs.
thus, when selecting a compressor lubrication methods should be selected based on the comprehensive. Long silk and fine count high density fabric weaving should use oil-free air compressors; coarse count fabric can be used in short fiber, oil free compressor, precision filtration devices should be used to enhance the removal of oil in compressed air. Practice has proved that the one-time investment of oil-free air compressor oil free compressor high, but low running costs, economic benefits.
water cooling system for complex well
air compressor cooling methods are air cooled and water cooled in two ways. Due to the water by evaporative cooling can usually be lower than the air temperature of the cooling water, and the water's specific heat and density, good cooling effect of the air compressor, more generally used. But water needs to be equipped with cooling towers and cooling water pumps, the system is complex, and easy scaling of cooling water, affecting heat transfer effects. Air cooling equipment is simple, low maintenance cost, but for large air compressor and the South hot area, outdoor air temperature will make the compressor cylinder head temperature is too high and downtime. With air-cooled machine shall ensure that the distance between and the engine room ventilation, the room temperature is below 40 degrees. Therefore, when you select a compressor cooling, according to the local weather conditions, cooling water, water for analysis.
based on gas properties select air compressor
current use are screw-type air compressors and centrifugal compressors. Both compared, screw Rod machine into exhaust uniform, no pressure pulse, machine running smooth, without set storage gas tank, based small even can used no based rotating; spray oil screw rod can get high of single level pressure and lower of exhaust temperature; has forced lost gas of features, that exhaust volume almost not by exhaust pressure of effect, within pressure than and speed, and density also basic has nothing to do, special for Yu more machine parallel run; work points in larger range within changes Shi, machine efficiency changes is unlikely to, Centrifugal air compressor does not occur when small exhaust volume surge. Disadvantages are high noise, noise reduction measures must be taken; exhaust smaller than the centrifuges. Centrifugal air compressor
compact structure, light weight, single displacement, generally up to 10000 m³/min; no Oiler pure condition, compressed air free of oil contamination, high quality; high efficiency and saving energy. Centrifugal type empty pressure machine of shortcomings is started and parking process in the easy produced breath vibration phenomenon, produced vibration; exhaust volume of changes on mechanical efficiency effect larger, in must of speed Xia, exists best workers condition points, deviated from the points efficiency will declined; should not be used more Taiwan unit parallel run, in single exhaust volume and exhaust pressure can meet requirements Shi, should be selection less machine Taiwan for gas.
for the smooth textile mill air jet loom by gas flow, the pressure is not high and stability characteristics, air compressor selection will be selected according to the specific situation. In weaving machine Taiwan number more, and compression air consumption volume big, and with gas pressure lower, and with gas stable of places should be used centrifugal type compressor; in with gas pressure high, and flow has larger changes and the need more machine Taiwan parallel Shi, should be used screw Rod type empty pressure machine, also can used centrifugal type compressor and screw Rod type compressor parallel work, using screw Rod type empty pressure machine for flow regulation.
all in all, should be based on air-jet loom's quantity and characteristics in the selection of air compressors, gas, single variety, stable operation, requires compressed air systems with high quality centrifugal air compressors should be used, to save energy. For a small quantity and variety production of air-jet loom by gas load changing larger systems should parallel good performance of screw-type air compressor. Enterprise should calculate gas consumption for air-jet loom and the gas pressure, choose the right air compressor, air compressor at high load and high-performance run, this is vital to save energy.