The nine advantages of frequency converter air compressor

In recent years, China's energy saving and emission reduction is increasing, growing demand for energy-efficient equipment. Efforts to increase energy conservation has become a real task for the air compressor industry. Frequency empty pressure machine is a energy saving of empty pressure machine, its advantages following:
advantages a: free set pressure, and keep constant for pressure
1, and in set by needed pressure Xia unit will always keep ± 0.1bar pressure of constant pressure gas;
2, and satisfaction user in 3~14bar of range within any set pressure, and not need replacement gear or belt; (Note: purchased machine Shi should determine highest pressure value);
3, and When hours air pressure remains constant and automatic speed reduction, satisfied with only enough gas.
4, when using air pressure remains constant and automatic speed compensation to ensure gas supply needs;
advantage two: remote-controlled
using advanced control, monitoring and communications system, via the Internet, users around the world can easily access to suppliers of technical assistance in a timely manner.
advantage three: save energy
to install the inverter compressor compared with conventional air compressors: air compressor with inverter installed can automatically adjust based on gas consumption air compressor running, this can save energy, and the effect is remarkable.
advantages four: efficient province electric
1, and has has variable speed control technology, compressor of exhaust volume can and user of with gas perfect to combined up, completely avoid has uninstall power of loss;
2, and in intermittent with gas of State Xia, through soft started of 0 load role, avoid has current and torque of peak, thus unit can unlimited times of up stopped. Truly 0~100% CVT, maximum control of waste production;
3, removed from the pressure of 2bar more burdens, direct energy-saving of air compressor unit 14%, because every decrease 1bar of pressure, saves 7% of energy loss.
advantage five: extend the life of the air compressor
converter 0Hz start air compressor, air compressor startup time can be adjusted, thereby reducing the startup of air compressor internal electrical parts or mechanical parts to cause shock, enhancing system reliability and prolong the service life of the compressor.
in addition, the variable frequency control to reduce the start current fluctuations, such fluctuations affect current electric power and other equipment. Inverters can effectively reduce starting current peak to the lowest.  
advantage of six: more reliable
1, variable frequency soft start to avoid electrical shock, avoid mechanical shocks;
2, to remove long high-speed operation of unit factors;
3, no contactor, avoid electric contact failure;
4, to remove high pressure of 2bar, reducing the chances of system leaks. &Nbsp;  
advantages seven: energy-saving environmental, and equipment in place, and immediately enabled
we recommended of any a paragraph frequency empty pressure machine unit are without special installation based, low speed of axis flow fan and modern of across vibration drop noise measures, makes compression running row noise very low, thus has easy user placed Yu production site, as long as equipment in place, fast pipeline connection, can immediately run started. &Nbsp;    
advantage of eight: reducing the noise of air compressor
after you install the converter, in demand conditions, the compressor, the motor speed slows down, the noise produced by air compressor has reduced significantly. According to spot checks show, now the noise 3-7 DB lower than the original noise. &Nbsp;  
benefits: energy-saving emission reduction  
1 of scientific development, frequency converter air compressor:
2, energy recovery one year difference compared with non-inverter units, a three-year energy-saving back the entire frequency converter unit investment costs.