Screw-type air compressor installation site what are the research

Screw air compressor installation site selection is the most neglect by staff, often found after the acquisition of the air compressor, piping immediately after use, advance planning is essential. But results of such a rash, but the formation of the future of air compressor failure, difficulties with adverse consequences, such as air quality, so an appropriate place of installation is a prerequisite for proper use of the air compressor system:
(1) select a wide place for good lighting in order to facilitate the required for the operation, maintenance and repair of space and lighting.
(2) select low air humidity, less dust, clean air and good ventilation place, avoid water mist, mist, mist, dust and fiber environments.
(3) required by the GB50029-2003 code for design of compressed air station, compressed air machine room heating temperature should not be below 15 ℃, non-working time machine room temperature shall not be less than 5 degrees.
(4) with the compressor suction port or unit when cooling air suction outlet located in the indoor, indoor ambient temperature should not be more than 40 degrees.
(5) if the factory environment is poor, dusty, require the installation of front filter, to ensure that the air compressor service life of system components.
(6) when a single capacity equal to or greater than 20m3/min, with total installed capacity equal to or greater than 60 m3/min compressed air station should be installed repair of lifting equipment, lifting capacity should be determined according to the heaviest air compressor parts.
(7) provision for access and maintenance space, in accordance with GB50029-2003 of the requirements of the code for design of compressed air station, air compressor between walls of channel width and the displacement distance of size 0.8~1.5M.